Web Hosting Reseller Plan

Web hosting reseller plan is these days offered by many companies at varying packages depending on the needs of a business. Over the years this concept has become very popular. But what exactly it is the question? Before we move further, let’s first discuss what is web hosting. Web hosting is a type of service, which allows the users and organization to create space for them on World Wide Web and access their site.

Reseller web hosting allows the clients to improve their existing business. They are basically suitable for

o Large corporate sites
o Sites that consume large amounts of disk space
o Web Design companies
o Individual webmasters who have many sites
o Sites with quality traffic

Some of the things you need to look in a web hosting reseller plan are:

* 24X7customer support
* Control Panel Customization
* Email creation
* Addition of custom links
* Enable name based hosting
* Domain Parking
* FTP features
* Secure Billing system
* Advanced and customizable turnkey templates for store
* Windows and Linux in one
* Choice of upgrade information
* Unlimited bandwidth and much more

These features vary from one person to another. Therefore, it becomes necessary to compare the reseller plans being offered by different companies. This will help you in knowing about the schemes available to you. Like any other business this web hosting reseller plan can help you in earning more return on investment. But still if you are confused about how to move about the various things, it is wiser to consult a SEO company or company that is offering the best option.