since we are just before the top of our season, and we are planning also to make a new website next year, we are collecting ideas on how to improve the current website.

For our home page we are curious to understand especially what elements do you think are missing on it. We know that not all things are aligned properly and that the website is not loading fast enough (currently we are also limited by the system the website is built in).

The same question goes for our landing page template, like this one For sure we will add Client testimonials and our USP in some way on the landing page, like it is on the homepage, but would like to understand, what other things do you think, would these landings benefit from.

Oh, and I almost forgot: the last thing, since we are concentrating a lot of effort on our content, how can we still improve our blog post page. They are all made in the same way. We are also curious to understand if in your opinion, the paragraph font size for blog posts is big enough, or if you would prefer it bigger (link to one of our blogs:

I would like to thank you very much already in advance for any helpful advice, info, … We are searching especially for critical feedback, so do not be afraid to get off the chest, everything that comes to your mind.

One import factor of UX is speed. Try to run some objective test on your site and adjust accordingly. Your system should not limit you.

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Again, run some “objective” tests:

My rule of thumb is to never use smaller fonts than 16px…

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A couple of things you may want to consider…

The text on the hero sliders can be hard to read as the white text on semi-transparent black background is hard to read with some of the images behind showing through. I’ve always struggled with this as a solid block just doesn’t seem designed enough but is so much easier to read.

Do some tests and see if anyone actually clicks on the other hero slider panels. If they don’t, don’t bother with a slider. You can speed up the page loads if you aren’t loading 6 big images and the JS to run it. Instead just randomly load a new panel each time the page is refreshed.

Text is best as a fluid size. Use a size in % or em etc

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Thank you very much for your feedback. Very useful.

Thank you. I will take in consideration what you mentioned about 16px font

Good ideas. Thank you very much.