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After two years of work, NZX-listed telco Spark has a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in place that it says will support its agile way of work.

Replacing a 25-year-old and heavily customised SAP implementation was a project only briefly noted in Spark’s annual report which told shareholders the diversified telco continued to build the core capabilities that could differentiate it in a competitive market.

“We successfully completed the implementation of a new enterprise resource planning system, which will improve the efficiency of our internal operations, supporting better customer outcomes,” the report said.

One of the pillars of Spark’s three-year strategy was “building world-class capabilities and culture”, Spark told Reseller News in a statement. The company’s shift to Microsoft Dynamics 365 would help to meet this ambition by providing the capability to simplify the business and speed-up how its does things.

“Needless to say upgrading legacy ERP that has been the backbone of a large business for almost 25 years has been a massive undertaking, but we knew that we needed to deliver a more modern and flexible ERP solution, that could keep up with our agile ways of working, increase the speed at which we could support our customers, and reduce complexity in our systems through the simplification of our existing processes,” Spark said.