Studies show that updating a website’s design to more modern aspects can increase conversion rates by up to 33%.

You only have about 7 seconds before your website visitor decides if they want to click off of your page or keep on reading and looking.”

— Brett Thomas

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, USA, June 14, 2022 / — The old saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a good impression”. Businesses lately are ignoring this mantra. The saying is not only for people — it applies to websites as well.

A Website is most often the first impression that a potential customer has of a company or brand.

Brett Thomas of New Orleans Web Design Firm Rhino Web Studios says. “You only have about 7 seconds before your website visitor decides if they want to click off of your page or keep on reading and looking”.

Thomas, a New Orleans native has been building websites since 2001 and has extensive experience in this aspect of website development.

He goes on to say, “A complete re-design is not always needed. I have seen, first hand, many times how just making some small tweaks to an existing website can mean the difference between 1 conversion a day and 50 a day”

A website conversion is when a website visitor takes action on a website. A conversion can only happen if the site builds enough trust in the brand for the site visitor to take action. A conversion can be someone clicking a ‘Buy Now’ button or filling out a form requesting more information about a service.

Thomas goes on to lay out 5 key ways to improve trust in a website:

1. Page Speed

It sounds obvious, but how fast a website loads is the first impression it makes. As businesses continue to get more fancy with their web designs, site load times can often slow dramatically. The moment a person clicks onto a website, the clock is ticking. at about 3 seconds, the visitor is expecting the page to load and at 6 seconds, studies show, if the page isn’t loaded yet, most are hitting the back button.

Thankfully, Google has made it extremely easy to audit website load time, and many plugins and tools have been developed to assist in speeding up websites. The Mobile Usability Report or the Google PageSpeed Insights tool are free online resources that can help troubleshoot page loading issues.

WordPress, the most common CMS (content management system) has several plugins to combat slow page load times, such as Smush.

Smush optimize images, turns on lazy load, resizes, compresses & improves page speed with the incredibly powerful and 100% free WordPress image smusher.

2. The Use Of Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is video worth? The use of video in a website header has become more and more common since the late 2000’s. Video is one of the fastest ways to understand information, and when there is only seven seconds to make a first impression, faster is always better.

Modern sites in 2022 are using the video header technique to draw in potential customers and keep them engaged (and on the page longer). This, with added use of a company introduction, product explainer video or testimonials video can make the difference between a potential customer and a new customer. Both of these video aspects can be seen at RHINOPM.COM.

3. Optimize For Mobile Devices

first impressions online work the same way as they do when surfing the web on a mobile device. Over 80% of website traffic in 2022 is on mobile devices. If a site is not updated to be responsive on a mobile device, chances are extremely high that the user will abandon the page and find a competitor.

4. Testimonials

It is a proven fact that testimonials from past customers can greatly influence the trust factor of a website and turn first time visitors into paying customers. Simply asking current clientele for a Google review is an absolute must, not only for brand reputation, but also for local SEO ranking. Another effective way to increase trust in website design is the use of a testimonial video. A fantastic example of an effective testimonial video can be seen at

5. High Quality Content

Quality content should not be left off this list. It is true content may not have an instant influence like some other factors that relate to the design of a site, it will have a considerable impact on visitors that stick around for a minute or longer. This is a huge factor, especially for sites that want to convey trust. A first-time visitor that finds really great content will remember their visit in a positive light. Content that aims to educate rather than ‘sell’ holds considerably more weight in determining the trust factor of a website.

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