Remote jobs have gradually become the new normal in our world today. Right from the comfort of your home there are jobs you can do to earn a living if you have the required skills.

The advantages attached to being a remote worker include a better work-life balance, higher productivity, cost saving, flexibility and so on.

The list of remote jobs available are inexhaustive and below are remote 10 jobs you can do this year in order to earn a living and be productive.


1. Web designing

Web designing in a layman language is simply the process of creating websites. A web designer is a person who creates the layout and design of a website.


If you are an individual with knowledge in designing and you have a good eye for visuals, then web designing as a remote job is a good pick for you. The design and visuals of a website are the first impression people get when they log onto a website.

You also get a good pay as a web designer as companies are willing to spend a lot on having a good website.


2. Freelancing

Working remotely as a freelancer comes with benefits such freedom to work from home, a flexible work schedule, a better work-life balance and so on. This is because as a freelancer you are an independent contractor who earns wages on a per-job or per-task basis.

As a freelancer you can work in different industries so far you have the required skills and expertise.



3. Creative assistant

As a creative assistant, you typically work in the marketing industry. This is  because you are meant to provide support for the team that is in charge of creating design content for advertising and promotional purposes.


Your duties can vary depending on the company you work for, and you can also help to produce new pieces of media, typically for marketing and advertising.


4. Marketing

Marketing is the process of exploring, creating, and delivering value to meet the needs of a target marketin terms of goods and services.


Marketers are individuals who are responsible for creating a connection or meeting point between customers and the product or service offered by a company.


To be a successful marketer,  it is important you possess some or all of the following skills:


  1. Communication

  2. Creativity

  3. Data analysis

  4. Social media marketing

  5. Story telling

  6. Time management

  7. Writing

  8. Team work

  9. Advertising and persuasion

  10. Research

5. Content writing

Another remote job to consider is content writing. It is the process of identifying or generating topic ideas that appeal to your target audience or meet their needs. This is usually done for digital marketing purposes.


It can include writing blog posts, articles, scripts for videos, podcasts, as well as other contents for specific platforms.

6. Social media influencer

A social media influencer is a person who has built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic on the different social media platforms.


If you’re  an individual with a large following on social media platforms, becoming a social media influencer is a good remote job for you. This is because brands are always willing to pay a good amount to social media influencers because they can help create trends and encourage their followers to patronize such brand’s products.


If you are a creative with expertise in creating designs, you can consider product designing as a remote job to  go into this year. All that is expected  of you as a product designer is to oversee the design process of a product from start to finish, or the improvement of an existing product.


8. SEO specialist

If you are an expert in search engine optimization(SEO),  you can look out for remote jobs in different organisations since your work basically deals with improving the visibility of a website content on search engines.


9. Business analyst

For those who studied business related courses such as business administration,  accounting,  banking and finance, or individuals with passion for business, working remotely as a business analyst is not a bad idea. Your role as a business analyst is to ensure that business efficiency and productivity increases.


10. Freelance editor

If you possess good editing skills and eyes for detail or you have a background in English language or linguistics,  freelance editing is a good bet for you. All you need do is to have a system, some grammar and editing apps, then put your knowledge as a grammarians or linguist to work.